05 May 2014

Introduction about Leiyuan Grid Paver

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What is ?

Grid paver is a durable interlocking paving system. Leiyuan Grid Paver is versatile enough to support heavy equipment and temporary staging areas to , ground stabilization and storm water management. Leiyuan Grid Paver is a that is environmentally friendly and made of HDPE Material. Leiyuan permeable grid can be installed with gravel, grass, or other recycled materials and remain permeable and strong due to its optimal grid design. Leiyuan Grid Paver is the most diverse grid paver. No matter what low or high traffic area you have, your durable, green and inexpensive solution is Leiyuan grid paver.


Parking lots. temporary staging areas. overflow parking. ranch driveways. bus parking. golf cart paths. fire lanes. emergency vehicle access roads. helicopter landing pads. grass parking lot / fairgrounds. landscaping. dust abatement / dust reduction. storm water management. driveways. taxiways. freight yards. muddy parking solution. green space. oil field roads / oil field parking. concrete alternative. heavy equipment parking. erosion control. parks. livestock pathways.


  • 1/3 to 1/2 the  cost of concrete installed
  • Manufactured from HDPE material or 100%
  • Perfect for storm water management. Allows water to flow directly into the natural aquifers
  • Ideal for erosion control. Retains gravel fill, grass fill, or any other environmentally friendly filler
  • Dust abatement / dust reduction
  • Mud control
  • Alternative to concrete or asphalt. Reduce heat island effect in cities

Leiyuan is factory direct. Price is based on volume. Leiyuan is also stocked for smaller orders. Please contact us for best delivered price. We will respond to your needs immediately.


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